UPDATE (14 July 2012, 15.00 WIB):

Finally we are glad to announce that we have chosen the 2012 Google Policy Research Fellow, Ambar Sari Dewi! Congratulations! You can download the research proposal here!

Thanks to the honorable panelists: Yanuar Nugroho, Heru Tjatur, Shita Laksmi dan Yogi Nugraha


UPDATE (15 June 2012, 18.00 WIB) :

On the panel interview conducted at Jakarta on June 9th, 2012, we intensively interviewed 8 (eight) best candidates carefully selected from more than 60 (sixty) applicants. Based on that, we decided 4 (four) best of the best candidates of the Google Policy Fellowship as follow (name initial, city of domicile, date of birth, topic of proposal research):

  • ASD – Yogyakarta – 1976 – Small & Medium Entreprise (SME)
  • FS – Jakarta – 1985 – Media Literacy Among The Youth
  • YBW – Yogyakarta – 1975 – Internet Safety for Teens (Cyberbully)
  • KIS – Jakarta – 1983 – Small & Medium Entreprise (SME)

Congratulations for the final candidates. You will be contacted very soon by ICT Watch for a written proposal final selection process to decide one of you to be the first Indonesian Google Policy Fellow.


Are you an Indonesian academic (lecturer and/or researcher and/or student) of undergraduate (S1), postgraduate (S2) or doctoral (S3) who is passionate about the dynamic of Internet as a new media in Indonesia? If so, then it is you who we expect to apply as Indonesian Google Policy Fellow hosted by ICT Watch.

Indonesian Google Policy Fellowship offers an opportunity for academic in Indonesia to apply for fellow and doing research about Internet policy in Indonesia with freedom of expression and civic participatory as the main context. One selected candidate will conduct in full-time activities as a fellow at ICT Watch, with total duration of 10 (ten) weeks for 2 (two) terms.

Sponsored by Google, the policy fellow will be awarded a stipend of approx. IDR (Rp) 68 million (US$ 7,500).


Potential topics may be researched (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Freedom of Expression: Protecting freedom of expression from censorship, and championing the right of individuals to communicate, publish and obtain information based on net neutrality, online public participatory as well as citizen journalism.
  • Human Rights: Working to promote democratic values, pluralism, accessibility and human rights in the national online medium.
  • Internet Safety: Supporting in all activities pertaining to the Internet Sehat program such as online privacy and security, cyber bullying, cyber crime, etc
  • Open Government: Promoting the public’s right to know about information collected, disseminated and maintained by the government in order to increase accountability, transparency and public awareness.
  • ICT for Women & SME: Developing, promoting and supporting program and content to improve ICT skill for women and small-medium enterprise, so the can empower themselves
  • Drafting, creating and updating: website/online FAQs, white papers and any relevant content through some possible mediums / channels / resources for such issues above.


We are accepting applications for the position before May 15, 2012 only via email google.fellowship[at]ictwatch.com. All subject email must use format: “your latest education (S1/S2/S3) – name of the city you live intopic of research“. Example: “S1 – Sumbawa – Internet Safety

Please to include the following documents (all must be written in English):

  • Research Proposal (PDF only, max 2 pages): contains background about the case, the problem to be studied, the design of process / activities to be taken, outputs and outcomes to be gained from these studies as well as the target of dissemination / distribution of the research result (hardcopy/softcopy and/or online/offline)
  • Curriculum Vitae (PDF only, max 2 pages)
  • Copy/scanned of the formal education certificate(s) start from undergraduate to the latest one (max total 250KB)
  • Proof of Experiences, such as:
  1. Short description about academic, professional, research and/or extracurricular experiences (PDF only, max 2 pages)
  2. Reference letters from 2-3 prominent and competent persons (PDF only, max 1 pages for each reference)
  3. Statement Letter of the availability for full-time and 10 (ten) weeks activity at ICT Watch during the fellowship period (PDF only, max 1 pages). Please check “information dates” bellow for preparing your schedule
  4. Copy/scanned of up to 3 the latest article(s) published at academic journal and / or at national printed media (newspaper or magazine), if any (max total 250KB).


Important Dates

  • April 20, 2012: Announcement of Indonesian Google Policy Fellowship Program will begin via web, Facebook, Twitter and mailing-list.
  • May 15, 2012: Fellowship application deadline, applications must be received by midnight GMT +7 (WIB). After that, the experts panel formed by ICT Watch will be shortlisting and inviting the best candidates to be interviewed by the panel.
  • June 15, 2012: Fellow applicants are notified of the final status of their applications via this webpage only!
  • July (Week I) 2012 – August (Week II) 2012: Term 1, fellow start his / her fellowship activities for 6 (six) weeks with ICT Watch at Jakarta. Start and end date to be determined by fellow and ICT Watch.
  • August (Week III) 2012 – January (Week II) 2013: Break session, fellow may conduct his / her origin daily activities including to return to the domicile of origin. Alternatively, fellow can used this moment to conduct in-depth research (field study, literature study, etc.) remotely. This session is also for mid-term evaluation by the panel.
  • January (Week III) 2013 – February (Week II) 2013: Term 2, fellow continue his / her activities for the next 4 (four) weeks with ICT Watch at Jakarta. Start and end date to be determined by fellow and ICT Watch.
  • February (Week III) 2013: Fellow submit draft of final research report and the panel will evaluate it and give some necessary suggestions.
  • February (Week IV) 2013: Final research report will be delivered by fellow to ICT Watch
  • March (Week I) 2013: Fellowship program report will be delivered by ICT Watch to Google


Thank you.

ICT Watch